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Hospital Board Set To Make Final Decision On Nurses Contract

After nine months of negotiations, mediation, and fact-finding, we have finally reached the hearing at which the University of Kansas Hospital Authority board of directors will hear arguments and make a decision about the fact-finder’s recommendations (to view click here) on a new contract for nurses.

This hearing will take place tomorrow, Tuesday, April 8th at 9:00 am at Westwood. We are asking KUNA Nurses to assemble in the cafeteria of Westwood at 8:30. It is essential that we stand together at this critical moment to show support for KU Nurses and our patients.

An independent fact finder has just found that the hospital’s proposal was unfair and its justifications not credible.  The hospital board is also statutorily required to make a decision in the best interest of the public, including public employees.  Without nurses standing up and demanding those statutes and independent findings be honored, however, we can only hope they do not ignore them entirely.

On Friday, March 28th KUNA officially received the fact finder’s decision and recommendations, but was legally barred from publically disclosing the contents until now. 

The fact finder found substantially in KUNA’s favor on all of the major issues including:

Wages:  Recommends a 3% pay increase with reopeners in September of 2014 and 2015.  This is 1% above the hospital’s offer.

Premium Pay:  Recommends “Keep the entire premium pay program as is.  Do not phase out…This Fact Finder highly recommends the Authority (Hospital) keep this program in place and feels phase-out will be detrimental to market share, and ultimately add to its credit risk. “

Shift Differential:  Recommends “keep shift differential the same.”

In our quest for a fair contract that honors nurses and protects quality patient care, we have seen nurses step up like never before. However, regardless of the decision that is made by the board, our struggle for fairness and quality care has just begun.