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NFL Players Association Stands With KU Hospital Nurses

The Kansas University Nurses Association (KUNA) today thanked Kansas City Chiefs players and the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) for calling on Kansas University Hospital CEO Bob Page to negotiate “a fair and reasonable deal” with the hospital’s nurses.

In a letter to the hospital administrator dated March 12th, NFL Players Association Executive Director DeMaurice Smith said, “You advertise that you are making sure that the players (our members) keep the “competitive edge.” Critical to that “edge” is the care that KUNA registered nurses provide to the players at The University of Kansas Hospital Training Complex.”

Mr. Smith went on, “I urge you to negotiate a fair and reasonable agreement with the Kansas University Nurses Association (KUNA) that provides them with compensation competitive with other hospitals in the region.”

In response to the letter from Mr. Smith, KUNA President and KU Hospital nurse Emily Harvey said, “All of our nurses deeply appreciate the support of the Chiefs players and the NFLPA. Our members are simply trying to ensure the continuation of world class patient care at KU Hospital.  The NFL players appreciate the quality patient care we provide.”  Ms. Harvey continued, “Hopefully this letter will demonstrate to Mr. Page and the KU Hospital Board that quality nursing care is a priority for everyone in our community.  It is time for KU Hospital to honor and recognize that nurses are a fundamental part of a quality patient experience.”